A = BT²

B = A/T²

T² = A/B


A = small magnitude time length

B = large magnitude time length

T² = small time magnitude square

What is square of time?

Square of time is CAPITAL T².

Not small t!

Small t is a length or a dimension.

CAPITAL T or T² is a magnitude of time, not a dimension.

Although I have no other experience T or T² could be the only way to understand time properly (apart from advanced relativity and time dilation). It is certainly the simplest.

The point of orders of magnitude.

Why does a square of time exist? Surely it would not exist if orders of magnitude had not been invented? There is no better way to use orders of magnitude of time than with square of time or maths and time. It gives them an excellent use. What else is the point of orders of magnitude for time?

A comparison of different disciplines.

How does relate to

Both are forms of ‘primitive relativity’ in that they are both simple. However, there is no morality in advanced relativity such as E = MC² and nuclear energy etc, in fact there is even no morality in simple maths and time relativity such as T², however there is morality and even forgiveness in primitive relativity.

‪How is primitivism linked to relativity?‬

‪Primitivism is ‘time’ in that the further you go back in ‘time’ the more primitive life was, therefore, the more innocent animals (such as humans) were relatively. Crime relativity is the theory that a criminal, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, can theoretically go back in ‘time’ mentally or spiritually to a more primitive ‘time’ period such as the Palaeolithic period in order to find forgiveness and acceptance.‬

What has relativity got to do with crime?

Time! Crime and sin are relative, because greed, theft, rape, child molestation, murder and cannibalism were relatively no sweat with primitive animals and prehistoric man, this is because prehistoric man was primitive and old, in that he had no infrastructure, technology or medicine etc and that he came from a much more ancient and different ‘time’ period. For example, slavery was relatively more acceptable in the ancient and medieval periods. Therefore, the only issue with modern crimes is that they are anachronistic, in that they are out of place or in the wrong ‘time’, this is why they are so ‘relatively evil’ compared to the sins of prehistoric man such as Homo antecessor. Also obviously there is the connection that criminals have to serve ‘time’ in prison for their crimes or sins. For a demonstration of this useful application of square of time with sin and forgiveness see Question 23Question 24 and Question 25Although a bit weird this could be a good application for square of time.

Finally, even primitives such as prehistoric man understood small t which is normal counting or lengths as in basic numbers like 3 rocks or 3 rocks times 10 equals 30 rocks and 3 rocks divided by 10 equals 0.3 of a rock. However, counting time behaves differently, with CAPITAL T² or relativity, 3, 30 and 0.3 are exactly the same. (And 3 could potentially equal anything else for that matter).

How does relate to

When I work on maths and time, I become unbelievably fundamental, mathematical, secular and scientific and I forget about spiritual and divine matters. In the past I have stated rational things like:

“Time is not spiritual and divine.”

“Do not seek spiritual enlightenment, seek time intellectually.”

“Never listen to electronic beats all you need is a ticking clock.”

And I used to really believe it. It was some simple parables that I called the Golden Parables, which all basically say the same thing and which are applicable to any human such as a doctor or director, as well as to any animal such as a bird or lion etc, that turned me back to the spiritual and divine and helped me understand that Jesus Christ and the Buddha were not advanced scientists, they were deities who talked in simple parables which everyone could understand. It takes years of effort and studying to comprehend Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, where as everyone can easily understand Jesus Christ’s and the Buddha’s message. Hence, this investigation is also religious and spiritual, as it is it does not prove anything scientifically that we do not already know. Basically I have worked out that maths and time (fundamental) is the opposite of the spiritual and divine (unfundamental), hence, I am trying to compare and and to balance and play the fundamental and the unfundamental off of each other.

Common knowledge?

I know it’s known that time is a magnitude, but I personally have never heard it said before that time is not dimension, it is only a magnitude, people have always told me that time is the fourth dimension or a kind of dimension or kind of a length, however, this investigation determines that real time or relative time is never a length or a dimension, it is only a magnitude! For such a simple formula, I am surprised that it is not very common knowledge indeed. Why didn’t I know? For example, 3 seconds is also 30 deciseconds and 0.3 decaseconds, and the difference between 30 and 0.3 is a square of the order magnitude of time as in 100 ds². In proper physics time is called a scalar quantity as opposed to a vector quantity, but it gets advanced quickly, where as to understand time properly, even a child can do it with T² formula.


A very simple example:

t = 3 seconds

T^1 = 10 ds

T^2 = (3 × 10) / (3 / 10) = 10² = 100 ds²

A = 3 × 10 = 30 deciseconds (ds)

B = 3 / 10 = 0.3 decaseconds (das)

Note how 30, 3 and 0.3 are all the same length of time, just different magnitudes. It is as if real time or relative time is never actually divided into say 30 decaseconds or 3 seconds as it is also 0.3 decaseconds.

Time is therefore whole, one, eternal, relative and a magnitude.


You need a calculator that converts decimals to fractions to practice mathematics and time. I recommend the Natural Scientific Calculator.

Natural Scientific Calculator by Stultus Studios Pty Ltd.

Occasionally a very powerful calculator is needed to calculate long numbers. PCalc is recommended.

PCalc by TLA Systems Ltd.


There are just a few very simple things you need to know to practice maths and time. You can learn them all in seconds.

1. Orders of magnitude (time).

As in attosecond (as) and exasecond (Es) etc. The above link is used for quick reference.

2. Scientific notation.

As in 2.3855886103 × 10^13

X = 2.3855886103

3. Basics rules of exponents.

As in when you multiply two exponents you add the exponents.

X × 10^13 × 10^6 = X × 10^19

And when you divide two exponents you subtract the exponents.

X × 10^6 / 10^13 = X × 10^-7

That is about it!


An example of a square of time:


B = A/T^2 = X × 10^4 Ms

What are the magnitudes of T^1, T^-1, T^2 and T^-2?

What are the powers n of X × 10^n for A and t?


T^1 = √(A/B) = 10^6 μs

T^-1 = √(B/A) = 10^-6 Ms

T^2 = A/B = 10^12 μs²

T^-2 = B/A = 10^-12 Ms²

A = BT^2 = X × 10^4 × 10^12 = X × 10^16 μs

t = A/T^1 = X × 10^16 / 10^6 = X × 10^10 s

Unit time is an inverse square!

Click here for more complex questions.

It is not a waste of time.